Medical Equipment Refinishing was started at the request of several Therapy Centers in Florida. The problem they were having was a need to make there equipment look presentable again without having to purchase new systems. When they started to look at sending their system out for a cosmetic overhaul, the best possible time they were quoted was "about" 3 weeks down time to do a cosmetic restoration. This is considered totally unacceptable for most therapy and diagnostic centers.

This led a Sarasota Florida Therapy Group to turn to a small Florida Company with over 40 years of experience in the fiberglass, metal and coatings repair industry. After a closer study of the equipment and systems needed to do the repair and refinishing a system was developed to refinish the therapy system on site and in a shorter period of time. A new process was developed that was both procedural and coating formulation dependent. A new and proprietary formulation of urethane coatings was developed, portable and disposable spray booths were invented, along with techniques that allowed work to take place on site, and in the space of a weekend . When the process was finished and proven in several therapy centers a new company was started, - Medical Equipment Refinishing Systems, Inc. (MERS)

Doing refinishing and repair on site MERS can now do a total cosmetic restoration and repair on a therapy or diagnostic system, starting late on a Friday afternoon, and be ready to treat patients by the start of the business day on Monday, resulting in no weekday down time on the equipment.

The original therapy group in Sarasota has now had 10 units refinished by MERS. Dr Alan H. Porter has written…….. "This letter is to compliment you and your staff on the completion of restoration to 10 major units of radiological equipment.....By utilizing the weekend work option there was no loss of use or delay to patient treatments."

Since that time many major centers have used the services of MERS. One of our best references is M. D. Anderson Cancer Center University of Texas. Dr. Charles M. Washington Administrative Director for Radiation Therapy Services wrote, "Our equipment looks better than when it was new....The therapists in our facility appreciate working with the "new" equipment and have received many positive comments from our patients.....I commend your team and look forward to working with you in the future on our other treatment units and simulators."

MERS has grown over the past 15 years to a position of having four transportable facilities that can be on site to repair and restore a system any where in the US or Canada. All this has happened simply by one professional telling another about the capabilities of our services, and buy our support and exhibiting at ASTRO.

If you feel that your equipment is in need of some cosmetic or even major structural repairs and would like more information about Medical Equipment Refinishing Systems, Inc., or would like to speak to a MERS professional about restoring you image and how we can make your system look and feel new again please let us know.
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